Basics of a social media campaign

A social media campaign can be summarised in the following flowchart:

This graphic could be pretty much used to illustrate quite a few processes, but it’s important to make sure that when we are trying to use social media for marketing, we have to be able to learn from and improve the efficacy of the work that we do.

Some further detail about what is involved in each stage:

An audit is the essential first step of any marketing campaign, and can also be a useful way for you to dip your toe in the water without any risk or commitment. Creating an audit involves investigating a client’s current online presence / products / competition and carrying out industrial research.

The plan converts the opportunities outlined in the Audit to a sequence of actions – tied to specific milestones.

Actually carrying out the steps that have been laid out.

Using an array of analytics tools, you can measure the magnitude of a variety of different effects that your social media efforts might have. Based on how the results relate to the expectations set, you may want to alter the original plan.

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