A tip on how to organise your Twitter presence

I recently had the opportunity to ask Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan) about something which I’d be thinking about for a while – how to represent yourself/your company on Twitter. There are a quite a few different ways to do this – here’s what Chris had to say.


(apologies for the typo:)


So what does Chris mean by a ‘governing role’?

I think it’s to do with focus. People expect that when they are interacting with a person, not everything is going to be about their job, whereas from an official company mouthpiece (such as a corporate twitter account), the content is going to be much more focussed. However there should be a link between the two different channels, so even if someone is interacting with a corporate account, they know who is behind the logo.

A canonical example of this is the @ScottMonty / @Ford relationship. You get a real sense of who Scott is through his personal account which makes interactions with the guy on @Ford much deeper.

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